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Joshua Chee Stunt Trainee

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Josh studied film and Photography back in high-school. Since high-school he has worked in a few different industries in different job roles.

Josh decided to join an agency a few years ago and received his first job doing background extra work on a TV series called Terra-Nova. He told us, “Whilst working on that film, when I saw all the crew I remembered how much I loved film, so that’s when I made the decision to go to University and study Film and TV. I did that for a while and got myself a diploma.”

During that time Josh joined a different agency and obtained more work as an extra. A couple of years later, he landed a job on a film called San Andreas and that’s where he noticed the Stunt Crew for the first time. 

Josh later worked on Pirates of the Caribbean Staring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Geoffrey Rush. He told us, “It was this film I got to see the Stunt Team in action and it was inspiring to watch.”

After playing an adventurous pirate, Josh went onto playing a more serious role as a Japanese soldier in Mel Gibson’s True Story Feature Hacksaw Ridge. Joshua’s ethnic appearance being part Asian helped him land this role. There was a few weeks of weapons training involved on this film he mentioned and during this time he enquired into stunt training. “This is where it started for me” he mentioned.

We asked Josh who if anyone has inspired his move into film more specifically stunts. Josh goes onto say, “What inspired me was more than one person, Jackie Chan and Keanu Reaves played a part being two of my favourite actors. However collectively it was the rest of the Stunt Trainees and Stunt Professionals I train with that continue to inspire me all the time.” 

We asked if Chee if he has made any goals for himself in stunt work. He said, ” I would love to work with my childhood hero’s like Keanu Reeves and Jackie Chan one day. It would be awesome if I could work enough and earn enough through stunt work where by I don’t have to fall back on a regular job. I would invest my time training in things that I would love to do. The freedom to do what I love and get paid for it, that’s is my ultimate goal.”

Josh is currently going through Stunt Training, he is on his way to becoming what is called a Stunt Actor Provisional.

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