Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Cast 2 Crew Review

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What is Cast 2 Crew?

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About Us

Cast 2 Crew aims to bridge the gap between Entertainment & the Creative Arts Industries. Using an online platform to connect artists to artists, performers to performers, skilled professionals to each other & business to business. Cast 2 Crew will create a collaborative network of like minded individuals from all corners of the Arts & Entertainment.

1. Standard Profiles

We developed standard profiles for skilled professionals, crew, performers and artists. Both hobbyists and professionals will log in and display a stunning displayed profile. Users can upload images, videos, costume measurements, personal contact details, credits and achievements.

2. Business Profiles

Business profiles are developed for the training organisations and agencies, brick and mortar facilities. Upload images, videos, business contact details and social platforms.

3. Costume Measurements

The costume form is found on the standard profile. The costume measurements is a very important form. If your measurements need to be brought up immediately on a film set, you have a back up on your profile that can be called upon 24/7 and printed out easily straight from the members profile page.

4. Search Options

Cast 2 Crew has a basic and an advanced search option. Profiles can be found through searching for state, city, height, gender, job role, name or ethnicity. 

5. Battle – Royale (click here)

Battle-Royale is a fun feature to encourage collaboration or a competitive friendly rivalry between each other. Small contests will be hosted every month or 2. To help promote Cast 2 Crew and it’s members.

6. Cast 2 Crew Social

Cast 2 Crew Social is a social media platform designed and created for the artist. It is like Facebook and LinkedIn combined. Create groups, pages, private chat, post and share. Follow one another, donation capabilities to support each other creating engaging entertaining content.

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