Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Cast 2 Crew Review

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Adam Howell lights up half a football field with a Human Torch fire stunt!

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Cast 2 Crew members recently filmed some stunt training down at the Stunt Park on the Gold Coast. Adam Howell, a skilled stunt performer in the film and television industry is being prepped for a stunt by his safety crew. The fire during the stunt nearly engulfed Adams whole body, with a fire bright enough to light up half a football field. A water-based gel is being generously applied to his face and head seen in the top photograph. 

The stunt performed is commonly known in the stunt world as the Human Torch. Mr Howell said “The Human Torch is one of my favourite stunts, when performing the stunt it’s easy to portray the element of risk because it is in fact there, the danger is real. It’s also easier to seem like you’re out of control, it looks really good for the camera”. 

This isn’t Adam Howells first rodeo, he trains around Australia preparing himself, maintaining and upgrading skills in order to stay prepared for new opportunities.

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