Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

Cast 2 Crew Review

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We’re offering you OUR platform to publish your articles.
Would you like to promote yourself or business? We are searching for writers, creative advertisers and business owners that would like to use our platform (DigiMag) to publish articles, photos & video content.

You can submit a guest post by filling out the BLOG POST SUBMISSION form. For authors and advertisers that would like to post regularly can apply for editor access on our WRITER APPLICATION form.

We would love to publish and cross promote any articles about people, events and organisations associated with Media, Entertainment and the Creative Arts. Would you like to promote an organisation, workshop, college, course, performer or students within Australia? Or create an add promoting an event?
This would be as simple as logging onto the Cast 2 Crew DigiMag with VIP access to ‘Post Creation’, clicking on Add New Post, writing your copy and clicking publish! Your article would be published on our Cast 2 Crew Digital Magazine and cross promoted on our social networks.

It’s a VERY simple process! No experience necessary!
Proficiency in grammar and punctuation is important not mandatory, so newbies don’t be shy! If this interests you, express your interest by emailing and apply for Author access on our website. GET YOUR ARTICLE PUBLISHED! comment for more info.

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