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Star Wars Battlefront II: The Battle on Scarif Update – Review

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The final update for Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) has arrived in bittersweet fashion. Receiving another anticipated update is great, however knowing that it is the last update that we will ever see for the game is upsetting. Scarif, from the popular Star Wars feature film, Rogue One, is the final instalment of the game that fans so love. This review will not only focus on The Battle on Scarif update, but we will also take a look at the game as a whole, where it has come from, and the final product that players have finally been left with.

Scarif is now playable in Battlefront II. The map is much like its predecessor from the 2015 Battlefront, with an increase in graphics and design, but with minor structural gameplay changes. The map is beautiful and really immerses its players into the Rogue One story – especially with the addition of Shore Troopers, or when a Death Trooper runs by as the Empire attempts to stop the Rebellion from leaving the planet. Scarif is available on Supremacy, Heroes Vs Villains, as well as offline modes including the all-new ‘Instant Action Missions’; an offline mode similar to Co-op. In terms of gameplay, Scarif is a very open map with minimal cover making firefights intense and longer-range. As Battlefront II wraps up, the developers have added the game mode Supremacy to even more of our favourite maps, with the addition of fighter combat available for a number of scenarios. Co-op has also seen the addition of more maps in rotation.

As always, the team has done an incredible job with the graphical quality of the new world that they have mastered. The colour contrast and saturation are incredibly well done and creates realistic landscapes, shadows, and lighting. Fans have also received new skins from The Rise of Skywalker, which includes a potentially questionable Darth Maul skin with a seemingly outrageous completion milestone of 5000 kills as Maul. While Scarif may look great and be a welcome addition to the map rotation, The Battle on Scarif update as a whole felt a little lacklustre and undersized, especially for a final update.

It’s no secret that EA’s SWB2 was in an abysmal state at launch. The loot boxes, pay-to-win aspect of the game, lack of a progression system, no squad option, minimal content and buggy gameplay were just a few of the issues with the game. Many lost faith in the franchise at that point and never gave it another chance. This is unfortunate, as the game has blossomed into something that the community loves and cherishes, and players that have written-off SWB2 because of its launch are frankly missing out. Although there was so much more that could have been achieved with this game, the product that we as fans and players have been left with is a testament to the teams at DICE and EA, and their persistence and ability to ‘right the ship’.

The game that we have today is very different to when it first came out. We now have a logical progression system, multiple maps, scenarios, game modes, and characters from all cinematic eras of Star Wars. Although the game still requires private lobby’s, servers need to be adjusted and fixed, and the potential for additional content seemed so obvious, the community still seems to be pleased in the main. Such efforts as implementing a solid squad system, and producing enjoyable interactive offline modes have largely aided these positive reactions. Most importantly, the developers have created an immersive Star Wars game that deserves to be recognised as a great addition to the Star Wars franchise.

Final Thoughts

It’s official. Star Wars Battlefront II’s developer support has ceased, and for the time being, Battlefront III doesn’t seem to be going ahead either. While all this news is saddening for Star Wars fans and players of the game, the final product that we have been left with is an incredibly immersive Star Wars experience. Whether you are fighting for The Republic and destroying some ‘clankers’, trying to crush the Rebel insurgence as the Empire, or bring the First Order down from their tyranny, the SWB2 developers have created an amazing game. Perhaps more could be released in the game, but to look where this game has come, and where it is now, is an amazing feat. Like many other players around the world, I love this game. Jumping on with mates and being able to immerse myself into the worlds and battles that I love is incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. All I can say is thank you to the developers, and I strongly urge them to make Star Wars Battlefront III.

Rating: 7/10

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