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Marvel’s Avengers BETA – Review

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The age of ‘Marvel’ continues this year as the much anticipated ‘Avengers’ game comes closer to release. Publishers ‘Square Enix’, in collaboration with developers ‘Crystal Dynamics’,‘Crystal Northwest’, ‘Eidos-Montreal’ and ‘Nixxes Software’, have released the early BETA for the game this August. In anticipation of the game’s release in September, this short review will highlight the BETA and what it tells us about the game. 

Marvel’s Avengers takes place after a disastrous attack upon the team of heroes on a newly created holiday, ‘Avengers Day’. After attacking New York with the ‘Terrigen Mist’ substance, mercenaries create a virus and force the city into lockdown, consequently disbanding the Avengers. In the game, you take control of the new hero, ‘Ms. Marvel’ (aka ‘Kamala Khan’) to track down the Avengers and put a stop to the devastation of the attack. 

Upon initial play, Marvel’s Avengers is a very simple game play. Taking control of different heroes, the player can utilise basic actions to create fighting combinations. Each character is equipped with three unique skills, capable of becoming devastating attacks, ensuring that we as a player use each character’s abilities to dominate the battle. Other features, such as a very smooth parrying system, may prove to reduce frustrations of players when fighting in-game bosses. These elite enemies, at higher difficulties, will challenge even the hardiest of players. The game also provides the opportunity for players to fight alongside their friends in online missions, assembling their own Avengers team and embarking on different missions.

Visually, the game is well designed, with great in-game details adding an extra depth to the game play. Although the map includes many locations already well known, the originality of the unknown maps, such as the helicarrier ‘The Chimera’, which becomes your base of operations, provides a breath of excitement for the superhero game genre. The design for the Avengers themselves has also been done well, drawing away from the usual designs we have seen in the Marvel movies. However, the fast paced action seen in this game provides little time to appreciate the detail that has gone into these designs.  

Final Thoughts

As a Marvel fan, I have anticipated the release of this game from its announcement. Through playing the BETA, I have found that this game will prove to be quite enjoyable. The easy hero access and no in-game purchases will prove to make fans happy. Although the BETA does not reveal the whole game itself, it’s safe to say there is a lot to look forward to, with developers Square Enix revealing that more superheroes will be added to the game in the future. Maybe even ‘Deadpool’ will make an appearance?

Rating: 7.5/10

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